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RevertMe is an editor plugin for Unreal Engine 4, it serves only one purpose: reverting asset to saved version without restarting the editor.

It's most useful when you're studying tutorial projects or experimenting with asset settings, and want to revert assets status back to disk saved version without restarting unreal engine editor.

Like any "Revert" operation in other software packages, it's a dangerous operation (you will lost unsaved work by definition). It's not your excuse to not using source control to manage asset versions.

Technical Details:

Blueprint asset types are not "revertable".

The implementation is silly simple, RevertMe utilize Unreal Engine's builtin package management tool to hot-relad modified assets from disk, and take care of special needs from some picky asset types. All changes will be immediately reflected in level editor veiwport.

If asset was opened in asset editor, RevertMe will colse and re-open the asset editor after asset reverted.

Prebuilt plugin binary included for latest official Unreal Engine version.

Full c++ source code also included in package for use in engine built from source.

How to install:

  • Extract to Unreal Engine Plugins folder

How to use:

  1. Select modified assets in content browser
  2. Click Menu "File->Revert Asset to Saved"
  3. Assets will be reverted to saved version
[Update] 2016-12-17

RevertMe is free now! The functionality has been built in Unreal Engine.

More information

Published 1 year ago
Tagsplugin, sourcecode, ue4, unreal-engine


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RevertMe_1.0_for_4.14.0.zip 6 MB
RevertMe_1.0_for_4.13.2.zip 5 MB
RevertMe_1.0_for_4.12.5.zip 5 MB
RevertMe_1.0_for_4.11.2.zip 5 MB
RevertMe_1.0beta_for_4.13.0.zip 5 MB
RevertMe_1.0beta_for_4.12.5.zip 6 MB
RevertMe_1.0beta_for_4.11.2.zip 5 MB


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Is there any possibility of getting this compiled for 4.12?

Sure, I'll comile a 4.12 version later today.

4.12.5 Prebuilt is uploaded.

You rock! Thanks!