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Mesh Tool is an mesh editor for Unreal Engine. It allows you to edit mesh assets and prototype props and levels in Unreal Editor.

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Design Goal:

Make a mesh editor in unreal editor to:

  • Adjust exiting static meshes (fine tune mesh, make variation, fix mesh issues)
  • Block out level with static meshes
  • Prototype low-poly mesh assets
  • Not introducing proprietary mesh format, prefer working on game ready mesh directly

List of Features:

 Select & Transform

  • Vertex/Edge/Face/Object Mode
  • Select/Translate/Rotate/Scale elements
  • Vertex Snap
  • Delta Transform
  • Marquee Select (Add or Subtract Mode)
  • Marquee Select Ignore Backfaces or Occluded Elements
  • Select Coplanar Faces
  • Select Connected Parallel Edges
  • Select Linked Elements
  • Select Border Edges
  • Select By Mateiral/By Somoothing Group
  • Convert Selection between Vertex/Edge/Face
  • Show/Hide Transform Widget
  • Customizable Transform Widget Pivot
  • Focus on Selected Element or Editing Mesh
  • Toggle Vertices/Edges/Backface Edges Display
  • Hide Selection Display
  • Customizable Vertex/Edge/Face Display Options

Vertex Op

  • Create Face from Selected Vertices
  • Delete Orphan Vertices
  • Collapse/Weld Vertices
  • Align Vertices
  • Set as Ruler

Edge Op

  • Split Edge
  • Turn Edge
  • Bridge Edges
  • Extrude Edges

Face Op

  • Draw Quad on Customizable Draw Plane
  • Flip Faces Normal
  • Extrude Face
  • Inset Face
  • Delete Face
  • Delete Invalid Faces
  • Duplictae Faces
  • Sepparate Faces
  • Assign Smoothing Groups
  • Assign Material to Individual Faces

Texture Map (UV) Op

  • Plannar(Wall/Floor)/Box/Fit Mapping
  • Pan/Rotate/Scale/Flip UV

Object Op

  • Flip All Faces Normal
  • Weld All Vertices
  • Recompute Normal
  • Insert Primitive
  • Hide/Show Other Actors
  • Auto UV

Mesh Op

  • Save/Duplicate/Browse to Current Editing Static Mesh

Technical Details:

  • Full c++ source code included, works with both Luancher and Github builds
  • Works with both c++ and blueprint only projects

Change Log:


  • Add Draw Circle
  • Add Insert Edge loop
  • Add Delete Vertices
  • Add Delete Edges
  • Add button to force rebuild mesh distance fields
  • Add Normal as new Local Transform Coord option
  • Improve De-select Edge by Alt key, now can de-select shared edge from other side
  • Fix Bug when LocalTransformCoord set to world, cached transform not been updated


  • Add Auto UV Scope option, can now apply auto uv on modified/linked/all mesh elements
  • Add Supress Distance Fileds Generation option
  • Now Draw Quad plane display corrrectly in Ortho viewports
  • Now Draw Quad will use Auto UV Scale Override when Auto UV option is on
  • Ignore Backface Select and Ignore Occluded Select now works on edges/faces select too
  • Vertex transform widget rotation align to face transform widget rotation when Orient Vertex LocalCoord To Edge option is off
  • Fix bug Draw Quad not update correct mouse position for display
  • Fix potential editor crash when changing viewport layout in Draw Quad mode
  • Fix bug undo Extrude Faces and Bridge Edges did not update widget location
  • Fix bug when undo Duplicate faces by Alt key no undo Auto UV correctly
  • Start code refactoring for Blueprint based mesh editing api


  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Add Auto UV Texture Map Scale Override
  • Add Orient Vertex Local Coord to Edge option
  • Now can use Alt + Middle mouse to move custom transform pivot
  • Add MeshTool settings page in editor preference; Move proxy mesh support to experiemental category
  • Fix StaticMesh been built twice


  • Add Draw Quad as Tile
  • Add Draw Plane manipulation
  • Add Custom Transforming Pivot indicator
  • Faster mesh build time


  • Marketplace build


  • Select Connected Parallel Edges
  • Set 2 vertices as Ruler
  • Pan/Rotate/Scale UV
  • Flip U/V
  • Delta Transform


  • Draw Quad on Customizable Draw Plane
  • Hide/Show Other Actors


  • Close Beta


  • DRM-Free, 
  • Full source code included
  • Requires one license per seat

More information

Published24 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsplugin, sourcecode, unreal-engine
LicenseAll rights reserved
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