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Mesh Tool is an mesh editor for Unreal Engine. It allows you to edit mesh assets and prototype props and levels in Unreal Editor.

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Design Goal:

Make a mesh editor in unreal editor to:

  • Adjust exiting static meshes (fine tune mesh, make variation, fix mesh issues)
  • Block out level with static meshes
  • Prototype low-poly mesh assets
  • Not introducing proprietary mesh format, prefer working on game ready mesh directly

List of Features:

 Select & Transform

  • Vertex/Edge/Face/Object Mode
  • Select/Translate/Rotate/Scale elements
  • Vertex Snap
  • Delta Transform
  • Marquee Select (Add or Subtract Mode)
  • Marquee Select Ignore Backfaces or Occluded Elements
  • Select Coplanar Faces
  • Select Connected Parallel Edges
  • Select Linked Elements
  • Select Border Edges
  • Select By Material/By Smoothing Group
  • Convert Selection between Vertex/Edge/Face
  • Show/Hide Transform Widget
  • Customizable Transform Widget Pivot
  • Focus on Selected Element or Editing Mesh
  • Toggle Vertices/Edges/Backface Edges Display
  • Hide Selection Display
  • Customizable Vertex/Edge/Face Display Options

Vertex Op

  • Create Face from Selected Vertices
  • Delete Orphan Vertices
  • Collapse/Weld Vertices
  • Align Vertices
  • Set as Ruler

Edge Op

  • Split Edge
  • Turn Edge
  • Bridge Edges
  • Extrude Edges

Face Op

  • Draw Quad on Customizable Draw Plane
  • Flip Faces Normal
  • Extrude Face
  • Inset Face
  • Delete Face
  • Delete Invalid Faces
  • Duplicate Faces
  • Separate Faces
  • Assign Smoothing Groups
  • Assign Material to Individual Faces

Texture Map (UV) Op

  • Planar(Wall/Floor)/Box/Fit Mapping
  • Pan/Rotate/Scale/Flip UV

Object Op

  • Flip All Faces Normal
  • Weld All Vertices
  • Recompute Normal
  • Insert Primitive
  • Hide/Show Other Actors
  • Auto UV

Mesh Op

  • Save/Duplicate/Browse to Current Editing Static Mesh

Technical Details:

  • Full c++ source code included, works with both Launcher and Github builds
  • Works with both c++ and blueprint only projects

Change Log:


  • Add HotSpot Texture support (Experimental)
  • New Draw Tools (Experimental) 
  • Add Extrude with vertex snap support (Holding V key first to pre-snap vertex, then press X key to align extruded faces to snapped vertex) 
  • Add Smoothing Group display 
  • Add Random Smoothing Group assignment 
  • Add option to add/remove uv channels to all LODs 
  • Shift + X to extrude faces inward 
  • X key can also extrude edges (Shift + X to extrude edge along face normal) 
  • Bridge Edge now can bridge between multiple edges 
  • Enable camera control in match uv manual mode 
  • Now can switch LOD for editing 
  • Now can input translate amount while transforming selected elements 
  • Now default use Ctrl key to toggle selection 
  • Fix broken UV/Material of Filled faces 
  • Fix Detached Static Mesh Actor not inheriting source actor's transform 
  • Fix Fill Hole Mode change not been saved

  • Poly Inset precision improved
  • Fix potential material shift due to section material mismatch

  • New: Add Brush Select
    Alt + B to toggle, Drag to select, Ctrl + Drag to de-select
    Shift + Drag to change brush size, Spacebar to clear) 
  • Fix: Fit 0-1 texture map
  • Fix: Duplicate single face from a quad make it invisible


  • New: Add native Quad support, now quad data is persistent
  • New: Add Insert Edge Loop interactive mode
  • New: Dissolve Edge / Remove Edge Loop
  • New: Add/remove/copy a UV channel
  • New: Add separate vertex
  • New: Add option to display uv in first viewport or first top view
  • Improve: Add select toolbar icons
  • Improve: Select edge loops / edge rings respect native quad
  • Improve: Add open draw polygon tool button in object category
  • Improve: Render DrawPolygonTool drawing with PDI
  • Fix: UV Widget uv pivot was always using last selected face

  • Fix: Linker error when packaging project wish vs 2017 (unresolved external symbol __CxxFrameHandler4)

  • Fix: Crash when switching edit mode from Mesh Tool to Mesh Paint (thanks Mariusz.Szaflik)
  • Fix: Can't package project when  MeshModelingToolset plugin is enabled (thanks Mariusz.Szaflik)

  • New: 4.25 support
  • Fix: Global symbol conflict in shipping build (thanks omega)

  • Fix: Non-unity build and Mac build

  • New: Can display secondary uv channel in viewport
  • New: Add UV Project
  • New(4.24+): Add plugin dependency to GeometryProcessing and ProxyLODPlugin to utilize the new DynamicMesh3 based operations
  • New(4.24+): Add Auto Unwrap UV 
  • Fix: Display polycount in viewport with dpi scaled
  • Fix: Weld vertices leave invalid faces undeleted

  • New: Add option to display polycount in level editor viewport
  • New: Add Copy UV Channel 
  • New: Add or remove a UV channel 
  • New: Add Pack UV 
  • New: Add option to apply pivot changes to all LODs 
  • Improve: Build lightmap uv now use engine built-in algorithm 
  • Improve: Now can set which uv channel to diaply in viewport 
  • Fix: Marquee select wont select partical occluded faces in strict mode 
  • Fix: documentation not been packaged in marketplace release

  • New: Add edge loop select; Support select edge loop between 2 edges, can specific prefer shortest or longest path between start/end edges
  • New: Add select toolbar
  • New: Add Angle Select shortcuts to select toolbar
  • New: Show change log by click on "Change Log" text in status area
  • Fix: Lighting cache not been invalidated after edit
  • Fix: Warn user when selecting mesh with auto generated LOD
  • Fix: Mulit-thread ray tracing occluded elements getting random result
  • Code: MeshToolCommon module to share code for both editor and runtime module

  • [New] Add OrbitCameraAroundViewCenter option in Select category to override level editor's Orbit camera around selection option (which lead to undesirable orbit behavior in element selection mode)
  • [New] Add experimental auto rebuild quad map option, when off will stop the quads been built dynamically 
  • [Fix] Fix potential crash when remove elements 
  • [Fix] Fix select vertex not working when backface option is on
  • [Update] Change the default overrided global near clipping plane from 1.f to 5.f (to avoid selectfrum shifting when view reaching WORLD_MAX)
  • [Update] Override global near clipping plane option is default to off and clamped between 1cm to 20cm
  • [Update] Show quad options in vert/edge category when UseQuadDisplayInVertexMode or UseQuadDisplayInEdgeMode option is on
  • [Update] Improve select elements when object scale reaching WORLD MAX

  • Fix select wrong elements when inside mesh
  • Now select back faces will always include occluded faces

  • Fix Static Mesh with outdated import version been modified the first time been selected
  • Now need to mannually Upgrade Static Mesh Version to edit a Static Mesh with outdated import version
  • Add number of uv channels display in status panel
  • Now build and sync lightmap uv always use lightmap uv index greater than 0
  • Fix crash when garbadge collection triggered in level editor
  • Fix proxy mesh material not been saved in right engine version

  • Add Fit 0-1 in Align Texture Map (replace old Fit algorithm) to fit Quad/Face in 0 to 1 uv space
  • Fix vertex display not been updated after transform

  • Fix potential crash when inserting primitives


  • Add Proxy Mode for editing high poly model
  • Add search box to search options in current panel
  • Add Mesh name nad folder options (in Mesh Editing Optins)
  • Improve rendering performance
  • Add option to cap maximum vertices rendered in vertex edit mode (defautl 100k)
  • Move vertex snap options to transfrom category 
  • Vertex Snap now default to ignore backface verts
  • Hide edge display also hide selected edges display now
  • Fix invalid lightmap setting when insert primitive 


  • Add Auto Match UV
  • Add option to specific mesh naming pattern
  • Add option to always save mesh in current content browser selected path
  • Add option to display selection box around selected element in game view
  • Add option to save load Cut Plane in world space
  •  Performance improvement on Delete Faces and Remove Orphan Verts on large mesh
  • Build Lightmap UV now use setting from StaticMesh instead of build setting
  • Get rid of EditableMesh plugin dependency
  • Add Fixed Location option in UV Widget to always put UV Widget pivot back to original position after editing


  • Rework Flow UV and Match UV
  • Add Align UV
  • Adding Copy/Paste Selected Faces
  • Add option to not always display selected edges in foreground


  • Add Edit UV with Widget directly in level editor viewport
  • Start adding embed documentation (can be accessed via tooltip or help button) 
  • Add select edge ring (Alt + double click) Add delete all connected faces option and make it default when delete edges
  • Change DoubleClick select all connected behavior to only activated with Shift key pressed
  • Improved Vertex snap for mesh in large scale
  • Fix Flattern Face Options not displaying
  • Fix PolyInset Preview flickering issue
  • Fix extrude face with X key mess up UV when auto-uv option is on
  • Fix potential crash when deleting not selected faces
  • Fix potential memory leak when FSceneViewFamilyContext should be use to cleanup references

  • Hotfix for 4.22 editor crash when creating new static mesh

  • Hotfix for Mac module loading issue


  • Add Bevel Edge
  • Improve Vert and Edge click select and Vert Snap by respecting mesh world scale


  • Bridge Edge now can generate Arc (Bezier or Circle)
  • Add Fill Face Add Interactive editing mode for Scale Inset and Poly Inset
  • Add option to auto apply auto smooth to mesh
  • Add Select Face Material in content browser
  • Add Reset Settings to Default
  • Add Estimate Texture Map Scale in status box
  • Fix toggle edge selection with alt key not working properly
  • Fix Poly Inset will delete selected faces if input is invalid
  • Fix lightmap uv generated from Build and Sync Lightmap UV not persistent after editor restart
  • Fix Bridge Edge generated faces sometimes crossing each other
  • Fix Bridge Edge might causing material shifting
  • Fix potential material shifting causing by section hole
  • Select Coplanar threshold is now in degree
  • Significant Performance improvement on Select Coplanar faces
  • Now turn off GenerateLightmap/RecomputeNormal/RecomputeTangelt flag in Static Mesh Buildsetting when saving mesh
  • Change default SmoothType to AutoSmooth, and the AutoSmooth Angle to 30 degree
  • Rename Local Transfrom Coord's Local to Object


  • Fix Assign Material regression bug in 4.20
  • Now can override near clip plane of level editor viewport (Object mode -> Options -> General )
  • Upgrade static mesh import version automatically when open for editing
  • Face select color's alpha is working properly now
  • Features depends on thjrd-party libraries are disabled on non-win64 platform


  • Add 4.20 support
  • Add Knife tool [WIP]
  • Add Quad inner edge display option
  • OpenSubdiv now default not applying Auto UV and not selecting subdived mesh afterward
  • OpenSubdiv now support more than 1 material
  • Fix OpenSubdiv UV not generated correctly when Polygon Type is set to Quad


  • Add Inflate Vertices
  • Add Merge Actors and Continue Editing 
  • Add option to enable Vertex Snap to other actors 
  • Add Set Mesh Pivot to Actor Pivot Offset 
  • Add hotkey support for enabling slab transform mode 
  • Add hotkey support for drawing quad/circle/box 
  • Now Quad will default keep texture border and has convex check 
  • Now Ignore Backface also works for clicking select (was only works for marquee select) 
  • Improve backface Quad rendering 
  • Start adding embed documentation as tooltip 
  • Fix DebugGame build 
  • Fix Plane Cut lost material assignment due to section info map not been properly rebuilt


  • Mesh Boolean can now project material from source meshes
  • Add Two Side option to Extrued Edge
  •  Add Auto Weld Vertices after Move option 
  • Add Stay in Plane Cut Mode option to Plane Cut 
  • Add Hide Display In GameView option 
  • Improve Vertex and Edge selecting when click on empty space 
  • Improve real-time Quad build speed 
  • Improve real-time Quad build quality 
  • Doube click will now select all connected elements 
  • Draw Box can now drag to set box height 
  • Fix invalid lightmap setting when origin mesh has only one uv channle 
  • Fix deleting selected faces when Slab Transforming will crash editor 
  • Fix OpenSubdiv only works properly after click Reset first 
  • Change Switch to Object Mode hotkey from 0 to 5 
  • Improve command status text output 
  • Improve UI buttons responsive


  • New UI
  • Add Quick Select/Transform option bar
  • Add Mesh Cleanup Tool
  • Add Experimental OpenSubdiv Tool
  • Add Experimental Mesh Boolean Tool (unstable)
  • Add Poly Inset Tool
  • Refactor Draw Polygon into tool menu
  • Fix potential Assign Material causing editor crash due to a pointer not been dereferenced properly
  • Fix Display Backface Vertex not working properly
  • Fix potential Vertex Snapping crash when Vertex Snap Ignore Backfaces option on
  • Major code refactoring, move core mesh editing logic into new MeshToolRuntime module

  • Add option to force selected face color render in foreground

  • Fix potential editor crash due to mesh been built twice

  • Fix regression of Assign Material
  • Fix potential editor crash when delete/attach/detach faces
  • Add option to use Ctrl instead of Alt as Multi-Select and Toggle Select key
  • Now StaticMesh's ImportVersion will be updated to latest version before assigning material
  • When in Game View, don't draw vertex/edge/faces selection
  • When creating new plane/cube mesh, don't focus the viewport to it automatically
  • Now new plane/cube mesh will has defaut lightmap uv generated
  • Now proper defautl material will be assigned to new plane/cube mesh and lofted mesh
  • Add 4.18 support; Drop 4.15 support


  • Add UV viewport display
  • Add new Mesh Tool toolbar icon; Now invoke Spline Loft from toolbar
  • Now can Spline Loft into new static mesh
  • Add Align UV to UV Grids
  • Add Clamp UV
  • Now can choose which UV channel to edit
  • Now can save generated lightmap UV into rawmesh
  • Fix Delete Faces/Detach Faces/Assign Material might cause material shift
  • Fix Vertex Snapping not turn off after exiting Slab Transform


  • Add Attach/Detach Mesh
  • Add Loft between Spline Actors
  • Add Absolute Location option to display and set absolute world position of current selected elements
  • Add Extrude Edges Auto Normal option to generate consistent face normals
  • Add Extrude Edges option to flip generated face's normal
  • Add Ctrl + End hotkey to snap custom transform pivot or current transform widget to grid
  • Now can select and transform any actors in Object Mode
  • Add Generate Lightmap UV
  • Add Set Collision Use Complex As Simple
  • Plane Cut now take Quad into account in Quad Mode
  • Restore Viewport Antialiasing setting after exiting Mesh Tool
  • Change Mesh Tool module LoadingPhase from Default to PostEngineInit
  • Enable snap custom transform pivot to selected vertices
  • Support building in non-unity mode
  • Drop 4.14 support
  • [SlabTransform] Enable WASD navigation when not right click on mesh faces
  • [SlabTransform] Add option to only start drawing box when right double clicking
  • [SlabTransform] Add option to transform coplanar faces even they're not connected


  • Add Slab Transform Mode for widget free level blocking
  • Add Set Mesh Pivot to mesh center or current widget location 
  • Add Create Static Mesh from Scratch (Plane and Cube) 
  • Add Draw Box 
  • Add Material management options (Compact/Override/Revert) 
  • Add Marquee Select Strict Mode option, while off will allow select edge or faces by select only partial vertices
  • Build mesh silent mode works on 4.16 too (previously only works on 4.15) 
  • Now SkipGenerateDistanceFields option default is on 
  • Fix Plane Cut might cause editor crash when cut result face area is zero 
  • Fix Create Face from Vertices might cause editor crash when selected vertices count is less than 3 
  • Fix Marquee Select not works properly in Quad Mode 
  • Fix Marquee Select Edge not working when IgnoreBackfaces is on 
  • Fix Draw Plane Axis' default orientation

  • Unreal Marketplace Release Build

  • Enable Quad Toolbar icon


  • Add experimental Quad support
  • Add Match Face Texture Map
  • Add Match Quad Texture Map
  • Add Flow Texture Map
  • Add Plane Cut
  • Add Auto Smooth
  • Organize UI in groups
  • Now can use rotation widget to rotate Draw Plane


  • Add Mirror Faces
  • Add Draw Circles divisions
  • Add flattern selected faces command
  • Add Insert Edge Loop Offset option
  • Add Static Mesh dirty label and save mesh button
  • Add option to delete left over vertices (orphan vertices) when deleting faces and edges
  • Add option to enable switching mesh in elements mode
  • Add option to display command notification
  • Enable Pan/Rotate/Scale texture map in Edge Mode
  • Rotate/Scale texture map now base on selection center instead of origin
  • Fixed Insert Edge Loop should prefer coplannar faces route
  • Fixed Pan/Rotate/Sclae Texture Map button not repsonsive
  • Fixed Extrude Edge on 90 degree generate flipped faces


  • Add Draw Circle
  • Add Insert Edge loop
  • Add Delete Vertices
  • Add Delete Edges
  • Add button to force rebuild mesh distance fields
  • Add Normal as new Local Transform Coord option
  • Improve De-select Edge by Alt key, now can de-select shared edge from other side
  • Fix Bug when LocalTransformCoord set to world, cached transform not been updated


  • Add Auto UV Scope option, can now apply auto uv on modified/linked/all mesh elements
  • Add Suppress Distance Fileds Generation option
  • Now Draw Quad plane display correctly in Ortho viewports
  • Now Draw Quad will use Auto UV Scale Override when Auto UV option is on
  • Ignore Backface Select and Ignore Occluded Select now works on edges/faces select too
  • Vertex transform widget rotation align to face transform widget rotation when Orient Vertex LocalCoord To Edge option is off
  • Fix bug Draw Quad not update correct mouse position for display
  • Fix potential editor crash when changing viewport layout in Draw Quad mode
  • Fix bug undo Extrude Faces and Bridge Edges did not update widget location
  • Fix bug when undo Duplicate faces by Alt key no undo Auto UV correctly
  • Start code refactoring for Blueprint based mesh editing api


  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Add Auto UV Texture Map Scale Override
  • Add Orient Vertex Local Coord to Edge option
  • Now can use Alt + Middle mouse to move custom transform pivot
  • Add MeshTool settings page in editor preference; Move proxy mesh support to experimental category
  • Fix StaticMesh been built twice


  • Add Draw Quad as Tile
  • Add Draw Plane manipulation
  • Add Custom Transforming Pivot indicator
  • Faster mesh build time


  • Marketplace build


  • Select Connected Parallel Edges
  • Set 2 vertices as Ruler
  • Pan/Rotate/Scale UV
  • Flip U/V
  • Delta Transform


  • Draw Quad on Customizable Draw Plane
  • Hide/Show Other Actors


  • Close Beta


  • DRM-Free, 
  • Full source code included
  • Requires one license per seat

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagsplugin, sourcecode, Unreal Engine


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MeshTool_1.1.10_for_4.22.3.zip 79 MB
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MeshTool_1.1.10.5_for_4.22.3.zip 90 MB
MeshTool_1.1.10.5_for_4.23.1.zip 92 MB
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MeshTool_1.1.10.6_for_4.22.3.zip 98 MB
MeshTool_1.1.10.6_for_4.23.1.zip 100 MB
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MeshTool_1.1.10.7_for_4.22.3.zip 86 MB
MeshTool_1.1.10.7_for_4.23.1.zip 89 MB
MeshTool_1.1.10.7_for_4.24.3.zip 91 MB
MeshTool_1. 91 MB
MeshTool_1. 111 MB
MeshTool_1. 82 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11_for_4.23.1.zip 36 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11_for_4.24.3.zip 38 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11_for_4.25.3.zip 40 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.1_for_4.23.1.zip 37 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.1_for_4.24.3.zip 38 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.1_for_4.25.3.zip 40 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.2_for_4.23.1.zip 37 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.2_for_4.24.3.zip 39 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.2_for_4.25.3.zip 40 MB
MeshTool_1.1.11.2_for_4.26.0.zip 41 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12_for_4.24.3.zip 43 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12_for_4.25.4.zip 45 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12_for_4.26.1.zip 46 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12Build2_for_4.24.3.zip 43 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12Build2_for_4.25.4.zip 45 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12Build2_for_4.26.1.zip 46 MB
MeshTool_1.1.12Build2_for_4.27.0.zip 47 MB
MeshTool_1.1.13_for_4.26.2.zip 42 MB
MeshTool_1.1.13_for_4.27.2.zip 42 MB
MeshTool_1.1.13_for_5.0.1.zip 46 MB
MeshTool_1.1.14_for_4.26.2.zip 42 MB
MeshTool_1.1.14_for_4.27.2.zip 42 MB
MeshTool_1.1.14_for_5.0.1.zip 46 MB

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